Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here's Where the Story Ends

Well, I figure I should give a conclusion to my incredibly up-to-date top-of-the-line blog. 

This year, has been a year unlike any other, and as cheesy and obvious as that sounds I really can't reiterate enough how true it is. Never again in my life will I have a year surrounded by the unknown, a new language, a new family, a new culture, a new country. There wasn't a single thing I knew about the year before it happened, and you simply can't replicate that in any other setting. I had a year without things that I considered to be a part of me, and I had to find out who I was without them. It was the one opportunity in my life where I was given a completely blank slate and could make out of it what I wanted. Sure there were parts I could've done better, but there were definitely parts I could've done worse, and if you don't make any mistakes in life you never get a chance to learn. 

It's really hard to sum up a year in one blog post, so I'm keeping this one short, but thank you to all of you who continued to check up on this blog months after I stopped posting anything and supporting me throughout my entire time in Turkey. I have so many people to thank for being where I'm at today and having the opportunities I've had in my incredibly short lifetime so far. I'm anxious to see where life takes me, but I want to make sure that I never focus so much on the future that I forget what's right in front of me.

Thanks for everything Turkey. I love you and I will miss you dearly.

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